Commission for Social Development

Commission for Social Development

Since the World Summit for Social Development in Copenhagen in 1995, the Commission for Social Development has been the key UN body in charge of the follow up and implementation of the Copenhagen Declaration and Programme of Action.

The NGO Committee on Social Development is dedicated to raising awareness and holding discussions on social development issues taken up by the UN System and in particular by the UN Commission for Social Development. The committee holds a Civil Society Forum and other capacity-building and outreach events on the occasion of the Commission.

Civil Society Forum

The Civil Society Forum is hosted jointly by UNDESA-DSPD, the NGO Committee on Social Development and the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation. The Forum is a time for NGOs worldwide to  learn about each others’ work, to prepare for the Commission, including by work on position papers and interventions.

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The NGO Committee is proud to partner with the Friedrich-Eibert-Stiftung Foundation, and DESA’s Division for Social Policy and Development, along with other organizations, including the International Labour Organisation, on this important event.

Civil Society Declaration

In the months leading up to the Commission, the NGO Committee on Social Development facilitates an inclusive process to draft a Civil Society Declaration. This document is a formal input read at the start of the Commission. It attempts to capture Civil Society’s greatest concerns in social development and calls on Member States to respond to these issues.

Please see the following links for past declarations: