The NGO Committee on Social Development drafts position papers, visits permanent missions, and engages with UN agencies, to highlight the importance of people-centered development.

NGO CSocD also engages with the following UN bodies and processes:

High Level Political Forum, Commission for Social Development

NGO CSocD is committed to ensuring social protection for all is included in all development efforts at the UN. Social protection is concerned with guaranteeing all people are protected from those things which adversely affect their well-being and access to human rights. In the past, NGO CSocD has actively engaged in petitions and advocacy for Social Protection Floors.

Post 2015

With the current negotiations of the Sustainable Development Goals and post 2015 agenda, NGO CSocD recognizes that this is integral to maintain the importance of social development.

Third Committee

The General Assembly’s Third Committee is the Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Committee. NGO CSocD members closely monitor their sessions, tracking developments related to human rights and social development in their resolutions and drafts.