Advocacy Activities

The NGO Committee on Social Development hosts various events year-round. These include interactive and educational side events at UN Commissions as well as breakfast meetings. We are also in charge of coordinating the annual Civil Society Forum preceding the Commission for Social Development.

Breakfast Events

These events invite members of Civil Society, UN agencies, and Missions for  an open and dynamic conversation, which allows for effective networking and advocacy amongst all. Please check back soon for more information on upcoming breakfasts.

Side Events

Side events are civil society sponsored events which occur during UN Commissions and meetings. Usually educative and diverse, these events allow civil society to access the UN in different way by sharing and promoting issues of iport to them and by working with UN agencies and Member States to achieve shared goals. Please check back soon for more information on upcoming side events.

Civil Society Forum

The Civil Society Forum is held before the annual Commission for Social Development. The Forum allows for Civil Society worldwide gathered at the UN to prepare together for the Commission.